Air QualityAsk Us today about an Indoor Air Quality report!

This will result in a full report on your home’s air quality in about 30 minutes. The report addresses issues related to health, comfort, and safety. Your technician will learn the specific levels of air pollutants in your home and will be able to discuss the results with you.

Simplified Solutions

In addition to your custom air quality report, you will receive a personalized proposal of Bryant products, designed to treat any indoor air quality issues your home may have. You and your technician will be able to talk over the results of both the report and proposal today and decide on the best course of action.

Elements of Indoor Air Quality

Bryant IAQYour home’s indoor air quality is made up of six different factors: particle allergens, volatile organic compounds, temperature, carbon dioxide, relative humidity, and carbon monoxide. The indoor air analysis your Bryant® dealer is conducting will map out your home’s air quality based on each element. Your dealer will be able to discuss each issue found in the report, including why it’s a concern, what levels are considered normal, potential causes, the specific levels in the home, and a full line of Bryant solutions.

Air Quality Indoor Air Quality Facts

  • The air inside the home can be 5x dirtier than the air outside
  • Most homes have at least one indoor air quality issue
  • Newer construction can be more airtight, trapping and re-circulating “dirty” air in the home
  • Poor air quality can affect children, the elderly, pregnant women, and anyone with chronic respiratory issues
  • Pet dander, dust, and mold can trigger and worsen allergy and asthma symptoms